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Can I just say that it is so amazing for the phandom to be celebrating and full of joy for once. And it’s not just us. Have you guys noticed how happy Dan and Phil look these days?? Like after watching all those other fandoms in the distance being joyful and us just kinda crying in the corner. Yes. Finally. Thank you.

Dan: she's my wifey
Phil: ...that's me


lessamazingphil is literally come and watch funny moments in a married couple’s life and danandphilgames is come and watch a married couple playfully hit each other in frustration and the last two weeks have been come and watch dan and phil be adorable husbands non fucking stop and i don’t know which one of you sold their soul for it but thanks???????

Phandom The Last Week

<b> Tuesday :</b> New Worldwide Merch Store<p><b>Wednesday:</b> Vidcon Video<p><b>Friday:</b> danandphilGAMES Starts<p><b>Saturday:</b> Phil's liveshow<p><b>Sunday:</b> New gaming video<p><b>Monday:</b> Tumblr Tag Video<p><b>Tuesday:</b> Dan's Liveshow<p><b>Wednesday:</b> New Gaming Video<p><b>Thursday:</b> New Youtubers React<p><b>Friday:</b> New LessAmazingPhil Video & New DanandphilGAMES Video <p>

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YouTube the video game

I know there are a lot of youtubers missing but i tried my hardest to get as many people in it at least once, so sorry if I missed your fave but its impossible to put everyone in it but if you like this one then I could make a second one 

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